How Am I Doing On My Finances?

One of the most challenging parts of managing personal finance is knowing how you’re doing and if you’re making the right decisions. Financial information is spread all over the place, from insurance to banking to employment benefits. Having a clear summary of your finances may seem like a daunting task. The first step in knowing […]

How Long Should I Keep Financial Records?

Receipts and statements tell the story of your cash flow. Most have no significant importance once you’ve reconciled your account. There are a handful that you do want to hang on to, at least for a few years. Make sure your records are easy to access and kept in a secure place, whether digital or […]

How Much Credit Should I Use?

Credit history impacts your future ability to access credit. Much like getting your dream job, experience matters in getting the best credit. It takes time and it requires you to build your skills. Here are a few tips to build a solid credit history: Think short term – Credit should be used for short term […]

How Much Should I be Saving?

This question comes up all the time as I work with customers to improve their financial wellness. “Save for a wedding.” “Save for a down-payment on a house.” “Save to go back to school” We know we need to do it, but can feel overwhelmed with where to start. Keep it simple and achievable. Crawl […]

How Can I Pay Myself First?

One of the most common questions I get from friends and customers is “How can I pay myself first?” We’ve heard all the reasons why it’s important, yet it seems to be such a big obstacle for most of us. We put it off and hope some day we’ll figure it out. Well today’s your […]